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Terraviva Trees, Shrubs and Roses

Trees, Shrubs and Roses

We've a good range of trees & shrubs for small gardens – maples, patio dwarf fruit trees, rhododendrons (incl fragrant varieties) for spring flowering, evergreen azaleas.

Even small gardens need some trees to provide a vertical element, some shade, and to give the garden a mature look.  And of course if you’re into feeding the birds then trees give them some cover.

The vertical aspect in any sized garden is so important - vertical elements are vital to avoid that flat, boring look

Our recommendations for small trees for smaller gardens:  maples, crabapples, dogwoods, magnolia stellata, weeping silver pears, weeping flowering cherries (such as ‘Falling Snow’), Kilmarnock willows, lilacs, and sorbus.  And there are some great shrubs to give flowering and scent: michelias, pyracanthas, viburnums, magnolia ‘Fairy Blush’, flowering quince, smoke bushes, eleagnus, kowhai ‘Dragon’s Gold’, philadelphus, and wintersweet,  to name just a few.

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